Sarah Terry Argabrite

I’m Sarah, a multidisciplinary artist in Charlotte, NC. I currently work with rug tufting, knitting, crocheting, sewing and painting. I enjoy creating public art in informal settings. I like encountering art during my day-to-day routine, and strive to create this type of art for others. I like showing art at music venues, because music influences so much of my being and my process. I also explore themes of sustainability, mental health and societal expectations surrounding appearance and gender. I grew up on the Little River in Durham, where I was surrounded by nature and was always playing with bugs and small animals. I depict these types of creatures in my art. I graduated from Queens University as a Studio Art major, hold a Cosmetology License, and was also a Goodyear Arts Research Resident in 2018. I had a solo show at Petras Art Lounge in 2018 and continue to participate in many group shows.